Tips for effective Frontend learning

Considering a large number of sources available, it is really difficult to learn Frontend. The main task here is to comprehend which things are worth the most attention. In this article, you may find tips to make your learning process more efficient.

Make a plan

Remember: your goal is to become a great Front-end developer. For achieving this, a plan is certainly needed. First, you have to set your goals. Check the descriptions of tasks carefully and set your goals according to those requirements. But remember, it is not necessary to know everything. Believe it or not, many professional developers may not know all the information which is needed for juniors.

Web-page interface is made up of the three basics, which are:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

If you already know one of them well, it is quite enough for a start. You will also need to know one JavaScript framework. Don’t learn several of them, just choose one and stick strictly to your plan.

Make your to-learn list structured

Following the previous advice, you have to start learning things you have considered the most important. First, make your to-learn list structured. Remember 2 simple rules for that:

  • Start with simple information;
  • Focus on one thing at a time.

Try creating a simple page using HTML only. Then try adding simple CSS elements. Create several pages to get used to CSS.

Start learning JavaScript only when you feel comfortable with CSS. And remember, always follow only one step you have chosen for your current learning.

Try making more difficult pages as you learn more to develop your professional skills.

Make your studying become a habit

Many people try learning only when they have free time to spare. For instance, they try learning on the weekends. But can you become a professional athlete by having 1-2 training sessions per week? Surely not. Everything depends on the regularity of your studying sessions. Having a long break between your learning, you may probably forget much important information. Your goal for it is to turn your studying routine into a process you enjoy. If it is easier for you, try learning for half an hour a day. Making you’re studying a hobby will help you develop the habit of discovering new things.

The most suitable pace of learning frontend is 1 hour a day. However, if you have more time for that, it is a great opportunity to develop yourself faster. Remember, there is no need in making your studying process a routine, forcing yourself to learn things. The regularity of the approach is way more important here.

Learn practicing

Don’t get used to consuming the information and not producing anything yourself. Any theoretical knowledge is not worth anything without producing it in practice. One can’t become a professional just knowing information and not practicing at all.

So what should you do?

Just practice. Create pages, make mistakes, learn from them.

First of all, you can’t know if you like something before you try it yourself. So don’t waste your time studying endless theory, make sure you like the subject of your learning first. If your studying brings you joy, you are on the right path. If you force yourself to complete your tasks, you probably won’t be happy to continue working with them.

Besides, time practicing your skills works is more effective than learning time, because your brain is more concentrated during your actual working.

Trust your learning process

Your learning doesn’t promise you becoming a professional in no time. That means that you will surely make mistakes, and some days or even weeks may be stressful for you. But don’t hurry to get disappointed! Focus on the process rather than on your results. Just enjoy the process of learning, find your mistakes and fix them. Remember that making mistakes is also a part of developing yourself.

Believe in yourself and be persistent.

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