What is the knowledge base to become a Full-stack developer?

To begin with, it’s worth dividing the part into front-end and back-end, since these are separate things.

Therefore, if you want to become a good Full-stack developer, or start with one thing, then it is important to know this.

The first thing to note is HTML, tags, how the browser works. After all, a Full-stack developer is a person who works with the browser on a daily basis. Perfect knowledge of how the browser works helps a lot in work because when you run into problems, you will understand exactly what the knowledge of the browser is for.

The next knowledge is CSS, that is, styling web pages, knowledge of the adaptive layout. Since now many applications can be opened not only on mobile but also on a computer. And responsiveness is exactly what your application can adjust to the size of the screen. This is worth paying attention to.

Next, it is worth highlighting the knowledge of JavaScript, since this language is still one of the most popular and demanded.

If you already have the above basic knowledge, then you can start getting acquainted with frameworks or libraries, such as React, Angular. This knowledge is very useful because pure JavaScript is not used.

Frameworks and libraries are what already exist, that is, written. Accordingly, nothing needs to be written or invented but simply taken and used. It is better to practice this by creating small applications on your own or copy a project that already exists and create your own Tik Tok, for example.

Also in the work is important knowledge of algorithms and programming patterns. Many people think that algorithms are already something permanent, you don’t need to learn it, just take it and use it. In fact, sooner or later, even a front-end developer will be faced with the fact that he will need to make his own algorithm that will fit perfectly into the project. This is where this algorithmic thinking comes in handy. Simply put, it is the solution to the problem and the prevention of it in the future.

When you already have more experience and skills, it will not be superfluous to study patterns. They can be used when writing specific code. This greatly reduces the number of errors. From the experience of other people, you will develop something.

When you start developing, we also advise you to gain knowledge in version control systems. A certain number of people can work on a project, these people can change and where all these versions need to be stored. It is this tool that will help manage a project when several developers are working on it.

If we talk about the back-end, then you need to choose a programming language and you also need to know the basics of this language – to consider the functionality, its capabilities, and what can generally be done with its help. Then you can get acquainted with the frameworks that will help you build applications in the selected programming language. It is also important to know how the HTTP protocol works, that is, how we communicate between clients and the server. An important aspect to get acquainted with databases and, as in the case of the front-end, you need to have algorithms and programming patterns. For the back end, this is even more important. After all, the back-end has a lot of meaningful business logic that needs to be processed.