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Aside from being a platform where many products’ code is open, GitHub is a great place for exchanging helpful information of any kind, from free books to APIs. Thus, it isn’t easy to find the most valuable resources in that many of those.

We have prepared a list of useful repositories that are valuable for developers.

Free programming books

GitHub: 183k+

Free programming books are one of the most popular GitHub repositories. Despite being called “books,” the repository offers much more. It contains free online courses, interactive programming resources, task sets, competitive programming, playgrounds, podcasts, and cheat sheets for various programming languages.

Developer roadmap

GitHub: 155k+

Are you stuck in your self-development? Or do you need to be advised on starting in the programming? Then this repository is a real treasure for you. It contains technologies that are a must for Front-end, Back-end, or DevOps engineers. In addition, it provides enough resources to choose the most interesting for you from.

OSSU computer science

GitHub: 81k+

This repository is an excellent opportunity to improve your computer science knowledge. It was made for people who strive to study science-core concepts comprehensively. It offers resources to help you become a professional in computer science and provides a large community of learners worldwide.

It was developed following the requirements for a bachelor’s in computer science, except for the non-CS education requirements, because it assumes that its learners have already received the general education.


GitHub: 158k+

Following its name, the repository contains a list of all interesting topics, from computer science to media, from games to business, and much more.

Build your own X

GitHub: 103k+

If you are the kind of person who likes learning while practicing, this repository may become your daily stop. In addition, it provides resources that help you create your cryptocurrency, database, bots, BitTorrent clients, etc.

Coding Interview University

The repository provides a month-long studying plan to become a programming engineer in a large technology company like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, or other software developing companies. In addition, it offers advice on how to be a reliability or maintenance engineer. It also has links to cards that help refresh your knowledge. It was created by a person who got hired on Amazon.

Public APIs

GitHub: 118k+

The repository lists all publicly available APIs that can be used in both personal or professional projects. It offers various APIs, e.g., animals, news, cryptocurrency, games, and many others.

Technical interview handbook

GitHub: 51k+

The repository provides all materials that are necessary for a technical interview. It has materials on preparing for an interview, good questions to ask, useful resume tips, and much more.

System design primer

GitHub: 127k+

This repository is created to help programmers design large systems. It is an organized set of resources on this extensive topic. It will also help you prepare for a technical interview since system projects are a part of all technical interviews.

Design resources for developers

GitHub: 25k+

This repository is a list of carefully chosen resources of UI design made from stock photos, web templates, CSS frameworks, tools, and many others that can be used for your projects and applications for free.

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